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April 25, 2001

april 25, #2. so you know i’ve been working on that lab lately, well i got

it down from 13 forms to like 6 or so, but i’m still having alot of problems,

i need to update this database, see, and the code should be "database.recordset.update"

and that’s all it should take, well i have that, and it’s adding the record

alright, but it’s not putting the information that i need in there. the damn

thing. i even went and talked to the bitch mac and he couldn’t find the problem.

i’m relaly getting upset with this whole damn M$ shit. i could have had this

done a long time ago if i were doing it in C++. on a different note, todays’

really nice. it’s warm out, like in the 60’s and it’s just a great day weather

wise. i love it. i just wish there were more to do outside around here. i

have an urge to go to sf’s tonight, but i have nothing to do there either,

and i need to save my money at the moment. i have some other things i want

to buy. I’m going to need new sandles this summer. and i’ll need some new

shorts for camp too, cause some of my ones from last summer are just really

worn out. yeah, and they’re expensive too. like really expensive, it’s insane.

but speaking aobut the bsa, did you hear about that big union pulling it’s

funding from the bsa, it’s like the biggest union in the country, that’s relaly

funny that they did that. lol.

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