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April 19, 2001

april 19, #2. so i’m back i’ll try to explain more now, maybe.i haven’t been

making much sense lately. so the e-mail from travis said: I

have no problem with the way you are.. I don’t hold grudges against people

just because they are different. I didn’t delete you because I wasn’t cool

with whatever. I don’t know who you are first of all, and I”m not holding

anything against you.. I just don’t feel comfortable in this situation, I

hope you understand.. Its not anything personal toward you.. he’s got

an odd typing style, but i must admit, he’s caught me off gaurd, i wasn’t

expecting this from him. isn’t it odd, how i just go from one guy to the next

when i babble about people. yeah, i dunno. i guess that poem lust

would be approriate, lol. to bad it’s never come out that way, lol. yeah.

danny and i talked for a bit last night, that was good, i don’t remember if

i said anything or not but i found his planetout

personal (you’ll need a password and stuff), hehe. i’m not really liken

it (the whole, he wants a monogamous relationship and he’s got down that he’s

single), i talked to him about it, but yeah. that didn’t go to far. i can

kinda understand, but i mean he could at least be truthful in it that he’s

in an "open relationship." you can check out my personal here.

(i hope all those links work if not, my zip is 57042). umm, oh i just got

back from government, my group went today to give thier thingy, it was funny,

it got passed, which i was amazed about, but the teacher (acting as president)

said he would probably veto it. when we voted we just raised our hands and

such, and yeah i voted against our bill, cuase it was just stupid, and everyone

was like, ha, he’s not even voting for his own bill. and i was like, hell

no, cause in the bill they wanted to outlaw abortion and make the doctor do

life in prison for it, and i was like, hell no. if a woman wants an abortion

she can have it, and the fucking government shouldn’t be in that. ok on the

whole nic situation, i don’t really know what’s been going on and such, but

people have been talking about him, and his drug use, and other such stuff,

and i guess he’s been going wacko about it, and such, which seems like nic,

but i don’t think he should confront people about what they say in thier journals.

i mean, it’s ok to say, hey could you not use my name or something like that,

but asking them to change it or remove it, or whatever, yeah. (remember, uninformed

opinion). i also don’t think people should have to have disclaimers on thier

journals, that’s just going a bit to far, i mean after so long of everyone

doing this, it should be understood. I’m not saying that they shouldn’t have

it there, it’s a good idea, i’m saying there should be no need to have it

there. ya know, this college really sucks for being "gay freindly"

i mean really sucks, someone actually threatened my life the other day. i

haven’t taken much thought to it, cause i mean, i dunno. i don’t want to explain

my position on death, cause then you’ll all think i’m suicidle (sp? that really

doesn’t look right, but i’m to lazy to actually do a spell chekc) or something

like that, but i’m not so don’t worry.

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