My Life

April 18, 2001

pril 18, so last night was pretty great. yeah it was. danny called. i was

temped not to answer it cause he called at like 11, and i was like, who in

the hell would that be, and i was already in bed. but yeah. i answered and

i’m glad i did, it was so nice hearing his voice again. we talked tell like

1:30 or so and then we got cut off, i was going to call him back, but i was

like, i don’t want to take the chance of waking up his pu’s and such, so i

didn’t i feel asleep with the phone in my hand. lol. but it was soooo soooo

great hearing his voice again. god i missed him so much. i just wanna fucking

drive out there and see him so badly. so i’m talking to this guynamed travis,

i thought he would be like really stuck up and shit, he’s really cute,

but you, know he’s like mr. jock boy. but he’s actually really cool. ok _really

really_ cool. ok, so change of ideas, he’s a little slow in the head. my handle

for MSN is "that gay boi" and yeah, i actually had to tell him that

i was gay, i think it’s pretty clear that i was gay, just by looking at my

handle, don’t you think? lol. but yeah, he seems really pretty cool. i was

actually expecting him to do what j did, and j to do what he’s doing, which

is being freindly about it, even if he doesn’t accept it or what ever, cause

he doens’t know who i am. here’s the text

from our first convo. on to other things, vero’s the

boy is a boy scout, i find that amusing, no offense, but that’s pretty

cool. yeah, i dunn where i was going with that, but ok. ok i’m going now before

i make even less sense.

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