My Life

April 17, 2001

april 17, today just really, really really, sucks. i skipped my first class

cause i was in so much pain i couldn’t get out of bed, and then about 9 i

realized that my group was supposed to give a presentation today, so i don’t

know what happened there. oh well. and then i went to my programming class,

and that just sucked like normal. and i can’t get my damn pu’s out of my head,

i want to know what the fuck they know, damnit. and i want to know what the

fuck danny was talking about, i just want this day to be over. i really do.

i have a test tonight at 6:30 i haven’t started studying for it yet. i should.

i think i’ll leave about 5:30 or so and go study for it then. yeah. that’s

all for now, cause today just sucks.<

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