April 12, 2001

april 12. i just got back from my american government test, you know the

one that was over 300 pages of the book. god he asked some of the fucking

dumbest goddamn questions. he was asking like percents of stuff. like one

quetion was "out of the 25 million cases filled every year what percent

of them are in fedreal court" and it’s like WTF? you expected us to memorize

percents when you’re giving a goddamn test over 300 fucking pages. and that

wasn’t the only question like that, it was a fucking hard test. GRR. on a

different note, i didn’t see j again this morning, i was actually going to

talk to him had i seen him, but he wasn’t around so i didn’t get to see him

again. 🙁 it was pretty funny, i asked him where he had been lately, and he

said all over campus, then i said, well you haven’t been in the tc in the

morning lately, i miss your cute smile. and then he was just like "wow"

lol. it was really funny. ok enough about that. I’m going to see what’s up

at slashdot now.

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