My Life

March 19, 2001

march 19. this weekend has just been really messed up. my roomie

left here friday night and got back at like 3 pm on sat spelt tell 5 was in

and out of the room tell like 11 then left and came back like 2 yesterday

left about 6 and hasn’t been back since. now how wierd is that. not that i’m

complaning, it doesn’t smell in here when he’s not here and i can have my

music turned up as loud as i like too, lol. but yeah, just odd, cause he has

classes today, and if he misses any and they find out he’s gone. oh well i

wouldn’t mind having a room to myself. lol. so yeah saturday night was really

cool, danny and i talked for what like 4 hours or something, it was really

cool, lol. umm, yeah not much else going on yet though, i’m thinking i might

go back to bed here soon, i’ve been so exhausted lately. i don’t know what’s

up with that. but yeah, never give me a jar of peanut butter and a spoon.

YAY, happy, happy, joy, joy, I just got QaF Series 2. YAY. i hope the roomie

is gone next weekend too

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