Dash out!

Yesterday I worked a few hours to get the dash out…

Came out a bit harder then I expected. On my bronco there were about 6 bolts and the thing just popped off. On the torino there’s a HECK of a lot more calbes, wires, etc attached. And, maybe I did something wrong, but once the dash was unbolted there’s no support for the steering column.

Heater Cable
Heater box is in pretty rough shape, the fan is really rusted, etc. Will probably have to either get an all new one or just take it apart and replace some all the components. The doors inside it that I could see were rusted shut.

Some Rust
Here’s the worst rust I’ve found so far. This is on the outside air intake thing. When I tried to unbolt it, the bolts just snapped off.

Everything out
Everything is all out, still need to get the wiring harness the rest of the way out. This car must have spent it’s LIFE at the beach. There were buckets of sand covering EVERYTHING behind the dash!

Now to figure out what to do with the body RE-body work, paint, etc. Need to find someone good in LA to do the work that’s not crazy expensive.

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