My Life

Meet the Robinsons

So about my week, so far it’s been fairly busy with the whole investment thing, but also going out and having a good time.

Monday night I went out with Logan and we saw Meet the Robinsons. Very funny movie. You should all go see it! Although he’s a nice guy, he’s one of those people who I just want to punch in the movie theater. He laughs so loud and at some really not-so-funny things.

Tuesday I worked in Santa Monica and wore a full on suit. I got yelled at least week for not wearing shoes while at my desk. Then Monday one of the VPs came and talked to me to tell me that the CEO of MY company got an e-mail from one of the VPs at PHS about my dress. How annoying.

Went out with Ben, Robert and JaunCarlos to Beige that night. Fucking ran into Mayko. UGH! I thought he’d be gone by now! Anyways, I got really annoyed there last night about things. Lots of hot boys as per usual, so that was nice!

This is pretty funny… ADs vs Reality.

I have officially made it to the minimum needed for LifeCycle! YAY! 🙂 So I booked my tickets today, now to find a hotel room and what not!