Long Weekend

“Where men build on false grounds, the more they build, the greater is the ruin”

Wow, so a lot has happened this weekend. This is going to be long…. HERE WE GO!

First, I want to go all the way back to Wed… because right before I left work I had a meeting with GT, I’ve been working on this website forever for him. The thing that I have approved overtime for. Well, basically this website has a table, each row consits of a set of data stored with in the database, you can do a certian set of actions on each of these sets of data based on if it failed QA or not, or if it’s been processed at all, etc.

So I started out, with the table of data and one column with a radio box next to each set. At the top and bottom of the table you had a drop down box, and then a “Go” Button. The drop down consisted of the actions you could take on the data (5 in total). I had a meeting with GT then and he decided that he just wanted the drop down next to each row, with an onchange event to handle it. That way you don’t have to scroll to the top or bottom of the page, etc. So I changed it…

Then I had another meeting and he decided he wanted pretty buttons next to each one… Now as we all know, I’m NOT a graphic designer… And there are no such thing as pre-made buttons for the work we’re trying to indicate. So I spent about 2 weeks designing and drawing these buttons to look good… This is about 2 months after the start of the project, mainly because GT says… “I’ll meet with you at this time” and then he never shows up or something else comes up and he’s not around. IE, I was supposed to have this Wed meeting with him on MONDAY.

Anyways, so I finish the buttons and then show him… NOW he wants to go back to the FIRST FUCKING way I had it done! GRRRR!

Ok, so that’s that… Thursday I spent the day alone, I made a turkey breast and noodles and potatos and stuff… It was pretty good. I got a call from Michael late that night asking if I wanted to go to a movie, but by the time he would have gotten back to the OC and stuff it would have been way too late, so I said no.

Friday I again spent the day alone doing nothing. Well actually I did a few hours of work and came into the office and grabbed my laptop from here so that I could work fully at home without having to scp things across the network. Which was getting slow. I also installed Sim City 4 on it and was playing that some. 😀

That night I went out with JaunC, what is it with short boys in the OC! Anyways, we went up to the Block at Orange and watched HP.. Amazing movie! And OMG Harry shirtless.. Yum yum! Sadly they killed the other hot boy! And Malfoy didn’t get enough screen time. After that we went shopping and I found some 2(x)ist undies at Off 5th for like $4! So I bought two pairs. They’re sexy!

Got home about 11 and went to bed. Got up Saturday and lounged around my house… Did some random stuff and then Robert came over and hung out for a few hours. We went out car shopping. That was tons of fun! I test drove a Jetta and I have to say that I REALLY liked that car. I’m just leary cause everyone is all, “They have bad electrical” and plus I’ve read things about being easy to mess up the computer if you don’t take it to a Jetta Dealer for maint. I’ve narrowed my seach down to 6 cars, and fully decked out the way I want them they range between $22,500 and $28,900. So it’s just a matter of picking them apart bit by bit and making the final decision. Expect another year of this! 😀

I already have a few minor things I don’t like about the Jetta is that the cup holders aren’t covered… And something I don’t like about the Mazda3 is that the back seat has very little leg room when I have the drivers seat at a comfortable poistion.

I’ve also been really wanting a Wrangler lately, but after going and looking at them, they just seem like they are WAY over priced for what you get and they get HORRIBLE gas milage!

Once we got done with that, went back to my place and hung out till 7 when I left to go back to the Block at Orange.. This time I was meeting Jeffery… But first I went shopping again and bought two more pairs of undies, and a new stocking cap… It’s cute and has a penguin on it! 😀

So I met up with Jeffery and we went out to dinner then went to see Rent… RENT WAS AMAZING! You all have to go see it. I cried, again. It’s just such a compliment to the play. OMG, just amazing! And I saw the trailer for BrokeBack Mount in the theaters… OMG I can NOT WAIT for that movie to come out! Just under 2 weeks! ::does a happy dance::

Jeffery on the other hand was a dud. … ::yawn:: He just really didn’t have much to talk about, and I tried making conversation with him and he just didn’t say much. So yeah.

Got home about 12:30 (because the movie didn’t get out till midnight) and went right to bed.

Sunday I got up and spent the day lounging around my house. I ran into Robert while I was out grocery shopping and we talked for a few minutes. I made turkey tacos too. Those were so yummy!

Speaking of though, I’ve actually been making most of my food out of turkey or chicken lately… ground and such. They say it’s healthier, so that’s good. 🙂

I talked to my mom on Saturday too, and found out when the christmases are in my family.. We’re doing my dad’s side on Christmas eve and my mom’s side on christmas day… Which I think is actually a first! For as long as I can remember we’ve always done my dad’s side on christmas day.

However, my mom’s side is at the farm… Which, is HORRIBLE! I’ll be brief about this because this post is already getting very long, but the farm house is small… And my mom’s side is LARGE, as in fat and as in, lots of people! There’s absolutely NO WHERE To hide! When we have it at our house I can always go up to my room and not be annoyed… When we have it at my aunt’s house in town I can hide in the basement with the pool table and no one will bother me… But when we have it at the farm house. There’s no where to go. You have the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. All of which are full at all times.

Plus the farm house smells, not of farm smells, because those wouldn’t bother me.. But it smells because the people who live there don’t clean, and it’s all dusty and old smelling. I’m just really not looking forward to it. Blah!

Plus, my mom is like. “I don’t know when we’ll have our own christmas’ haha. So I’m going to have to hit the ground running when I get there at 9pm Friday night. I was thinking I might try and go out with Jenkins that night. I’m really excited to see him again. Plus Jef promises he’ll make more time for me this time that I’m back. 😀 Since he and his boyfriend are on better terms now.

And lastly… This weekend I had to use the key for the first time in like forever to get into my car… I stuck it in and turned it and, well it didn’t turn! So I looked more closely at it, and found that the lock mechanism is all beat to shit. Looks like someone tried to put a screw driver or somthing in there and bust my door lock open. So I looked at the others and found that the trunk was like that too. The passenger side door is the only one left that’s not destroyed.. Very interesting if you ask me because who the fuck would want to steal my car? And how long has it been like that?

Oh.. and thanks to leper boy for all the advice… I’m still considering what to do… Andrew IMed me the saturday and said. “if you don’t want to be my friend, it’d be nice of you to at least tell me” or something along those lines. All I said back to him was that he should go read it again, because no one ever said anything about NOT wanting to be his friend. I did however take down all the pictures of him, and all the shit from the trips we’ve taken. Not the first time I’ve done that though.