The Torino Returns Home!





The Torino returned home today!

So question, what’s NEXT?! I was thinking
1) Windows
2) Electrical
3) Carpet
4) Vert Top
5) Dash, etc

None of the mechanicals are anywhere close to being done and won’t be for a bit… Other big things happening in my life. Need to clean up the guest room, so want to put the stuff that’s in there into the car ASAP/first.

Garage and Brakes

Haven’t posted much, been busy yet slow with the car.

Worked on adding 4′ to my garage so I would have space to work and stuff. A LOT more work then I expected, but it turned out great….


I also re-painted the garage too so it looks beautiful now. Don’t yell at me, but I’m using my spare hood as a shelf for now. The extra ’70/’71 back seats are for sale…
Hanging Hood

My ’78 Bronco was happy to be home after a year of having to sit in the drive way.
Bronco In Garage

It’s been 11 months since the car went off for paint, it’s supposed to be getting color this week, so I decided it’s time to test-fit and organize all the front suspension parts. So I’ve done that. Bought new wilwood brakes too:

It’s like Christmas!

All the shiny new parts:



All assembled:

Test fitting them into the rims:

My Pretty new rims (15×7), now I just have to figure out tires to put on them!

Hopefully the car will actually get paint next week!