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Feeling Romantic

I’ve been feeling super romantic lately. I want someone who I can be romantic with, send random flowers/presents, cook dinner, go on cute walks, etc.

Been chatting with a few guys on OkCupid and Tinder but nothing major… Met another poz guy… But I doubt anything will come of that.

People keep telling me I should go talk to my gym husband. He seems gay but again, he’s probably not my type or once I tell him I’m poz he will not be interested, etc. Just another let down waiting to happen. It’s better to just fantasize.

Going to NC next week, not super excited about that but it should hopefully be an easy week at least and maybe I’ll actually be sort of busy. The week after that I’m doing a training class so I won’t be back in the office for two weeks.

Army has been very distant and quiet this week. I just don’t know with him. I mean I assume he’s just “Busy” with school things, but how hard is it to reply to people.

I’ve also been very on edge all week with people. Wednesday I had a meeting with some people and I nearly told someone to “shut up” in a business meeting. Would have been very bad if I did!

I got new glasses yesterday, I’m cute.

Going into the city tomorrow so looking forward to that. Maybe I’ll get on grindr for the first time in a month and see if I can get any action.

Anyway. I’m out!

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