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RE: Door Mat

My landlord and new neighbor are douche bags!

On Monday I get the following email from my landlord:

Please remove boards and briquets from near or around the mail box area. You can store these items in front of your parking spot.

The barbques that are stored near the mailboxes should be kept out of the walkway otherwise they will have to be removed.

There are two planters on the sidewalk that will need to be remove to the opposite side of the building as they cannot be put on the landings or in the planters. If not removed within the next week I will have the gardeners remove them to the opposite side of the building. Whomever owns them, please contact me upon receipt of this.

Ok. I have lived in this apartment complex for THREE YEARS and these items have ALWAYS been in the SAME FUCKING SPOT that they have been. They are community BBQ’s that people use whenever they want to BBQ. They are NOT in the way of anyone moving about, coming or going of anything. The planters are MINE and are located DIRECTLY under my window of my apartment as to obscure the UGLY plantings that he has in our planting beds.

photoSo then I get home and find a NOTE on my door.

Please remove the door mat from infront of my door

Again. I have lived here for THREE years, my door mat is a red ISU door mat. (See picture) As you can see it is in NO WAY offensive, overly large, bulky, in the way, covering up someone else’s decorative door mat, etc. So why on EARTH would ANYONE complain about it?

So then I sent my landlord an email saying that if he didn’t take care of this issue I would be moving out. So then I get this reply from him:

The way the building was built, they probably thought mat’s were 1/2 the size of what is normal now. so each apt could have a door mat. Seeing that this is not the case.

I have been in touch with #4 and what I suggest is for him to buy a mat your size each of you can have a door mat, but so each is not touching it seems 1/2 the mat will be off center of the door.

If this will not work for either of you, than I suggest that one mat be put in place that I think would work to settle this situation.

Some compromise will have to be agreed on and please email me concerning this.

REALLY. Are you FUCKING kidding me!? So I actually have TWO door mats, one is just a plain peice of carpet that is the exact same size as the red one. This morning I come out of my door and my “neighbor” has taken it and placed it DIRECTLY in front of his door and ONTOP of mine. Excuse me? Now you are TAKING my door mats?

UGH. Who is this fucking guy that he has such a fucking problem over a god damn door mat. I could understand if it made some offensive joke or wording, but all it says is “ISU Cyclones”. It’s not blocking his door, he has NO door mat with ANY fucking wording on it, etc. So what the FUCK is his god damn problem!?

UGH. I am moving. I need a new apartment ASAP. I cannot deal with this douche bag!

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