Another Torino Update and missing parts

Well here’s yet another torino update. I’ve been pushing hard to get it done. Spending WAY too much money right now on this project. I should really just slow down and wait to get it done in the next year, instead of pushing so hard. But whatever. It’s exciting that she starts up with the turn of a key!

She went home from the engine builder guy last Friday evening:
Going Home

Got the hood latch installed, see a video here:

AC LInes

AC Lines
AC Lines all installed, was a lot easier then expected.. EXCEPT for the hose that connects to the BACK of the unit under the dash.

Mocked up the shaker just to see how sexy it will be. Then realized I didn’t have some parts and spend like $300 on that. 🙁

Engine Bay
Engine bay as it currently sits. Need to do some clean up to make it look nicer

What is this?!
Found this in my boxes of parts. Not sure what it is!

I’ve also been spending a LOT of time looking at other people’s threads for ideas/information on how to put stuff together. And while doing that I noticed these two parts are missing from what I have:

I emailed the original owner who took most of the car apart and asked him if maybe he might still have them laying around. If not, it’s just another thing I’ll have to buy, get body work done and then painted and HOPE that it will match. 🙁

Engine is IN!

After two VERY LONG and tiring days the engine is in. Started out yesterday with replacing the rear drums with wilwood disks. There was WAY too much play back and forth so the rear end came in and out about 5 times trying to get it right. It was a long frustrating day but happy with the end result. Still need to bleed the brakes and test them.

Then today we dropped the engine in. I was REALLY skeptical that it would just drop right in with those huge headers on. But NO PROBLEM. Slid right in like a glove. Perfect fit.


Half In



Spent the rest of the day dressing it, hoses, finishing the fuel line stuff, shift brackets, etc. Will go shopping tomorrow for some more stuff and maybe in the next couple days it’ll fire up.

What is it!


I’m pretty sure this has something to do with the hideaway headlights

There’s a left and right here

Clearly something for the interior.. But I think that it has something to do with a hard top, not a convertible?