Vert Top Rebuild

SO the vert top is partially back together… Got one side done and took me 3 hours….

It was a lot tougher to put back together because of the powder coating, I didn’t realize how much thickness that would add.



Only a few extra parts, mostly washers that wouldn’t fit on the bolts because of the added thickness.
Extra Parts

I sure hope it’s right!

Inside gas tank restored

Last weekend I used the POR-15 tank restorer product to repair my gas tank.

I didn’t think of it, but I should have got a before pic.

It took a lot of time but probably the hardest part was just getting it all dry on the inside before the last step.

Here’s the inside as it stands now:

Although, I’m not sure what those weird yellow blobs are.

This weekend I’m going to work on stripping the outside and painting it.



Broken Tabs

So I got the tail light housing back from the body shop yesterday. They were trying to do a good job and took the silver trim off to paint the whole thing, but in doing so they broke the very delicate tabs that hold the trim on. So now I have to try and find a way to re-attach the trim