Bathhouse BF

This past weekend Tony came to visit. I haven’t seen him in almost 10 years. Honestly I was very nervous about him coming because I hadn’t seen him in so long and also because I wasn’t sure what all to do with him. I wanted to make sure he had a great time but I also didn’t know exactly what all to do with him.

He arrived Friday and I picked him up at the airport we went out to lunch somewhere and then went home. Showed him around down town Benicia, Vallejo and then did a quick hike. That evening we went out to the GAY BAR in Vallejo. Yes, there’s actually a fucking GAY BAR. We arrived and it’s this ghetto little place. Exactly what I expected to be honest. Everyone seemed to know each other. The three of us (my roommate went with) sat down at the bar and the bar owner proceeded to stand RIGHT NEXT to us, playing with glasses and ignored us totally. Finally after what seemed like 30 awkward minutes the other bar tender finally asked us what we wanted to drink. This place is clearly just for the regulars and not for newbies.

We had our drinks and just hung out chatting. Talked to some of the other patrons and had a good time. Went home around 1am.

Saturday we were both up pretty early and decided to go kayaking in Oakland. Drove down there and went to the rental store. WE walked in and there was this old guy and a super hot young guy behind the counter. We tell them we want to rent a kayak and the old guy starts on this “oh man the weather is so bad, the wind is high blah blah blah” So he was basically scaring us out of going! Tony and I are both pretty good kayakers, so we go out and look at the water and it’s FINE. Go back in and rent the kayaks. Spent about 2 hours doing that which was super fun!

After Kayaking we went to lunch AT POPEYES, his request. Then Costco (his request) and then went home. Got back home about 5pm and he went to take a nap while I walked the dog. He finally woke up around 7pm and we went out to dinner then decided to go to the bathhouse for the evening.

WARNING::::: NSFW content below.

So usually when I go to the bathhouse it’s a pretty boring affair. I walk around for HOURS then finally settle on some OKish looking guy and we just suck each other off. Well this trip was TOTALLY DIFFERENT. So many hot guys there, it wasn’t more than 10 minutes and I was sitting in the steam room and this hot guy sits down next to me and we start jerking each other then he sucks me for a while… I eventually get up and walk away cause I didn’t want to peak right there! Walk around for a while and then back in the steam room. This time this super cute Indian guy comes up to me and I suck him off for a while. While I’m doing that this other guy sits next to me and starts blowing me!! After a bit we all sort of switch around and there’s this group of guys watching us, I got a bit freaked out and got up and left.

After a bit more I see this cute twinky Korean boy. He blows me for a while in the glory holes. But eventually I just left him.

Was sitting in the hot tub and saw this SUPER HOT guy go into the steam room. I figured there was no way I could get anything with him but at least I could go watch him get blown or something. So I go into there and sit down on the bench and he of course has guys all over him. Watch him for a bit and then I’m not really sure what happens but suddenly he’s sitting next to me on the bench and we’re making out. After a while we start blowing each other and then he asks me if I have a room. I tell him no, I’m on the waiting list, he is too. So we go to the glory-hole rooms and we both squeeze into one. More making out, BJ’s, etc. Eventually he starts banging me. After a while he’s like “want to come back to my house”.. .UGH YES!!!! But sadly I was there with Tony and couldn’t bail on him. So I ask him if he wants to come back to mine?? He says he can’t cause he has a dog to go home too. 🙁 So we make out a little longer and then decide to just go our own ways. As we’re leaving the booth, I notice my name on the screen saying my room is ready!!!

So we take it to the room, lots more making out, caressing his beautiful body, flip-fucking, etc. After we both came we laid there cuddling for a while and then we both needed to go. I asked him for his number and said, “no pressure, if you’re just gonna ghost don’t give it to me” he said something along the lines of, “no, i’d like to see you again” and gave me his number. We left the room and went our own ways. I saw him in the hot tub while I was showering and waved goodbye and Tony and I left to go home.

On the way home, bathhouse boy was texting me a bit. Tony said to leave him until monday and then text him again. So on Monday I texted him, he took 12 hours to reply. I messaged him back and no reply since then. 🙁 So sad. I’d really love to see him again and see if we have any passion outside of the bathhouse.. My luck is he’s already married. Next time I’m in his area, I’ll text and see if he wants to meet up.

Sunday Tony and I went to SF and just walked around. Met up with Victor for a while. Drove Tony to the airport and went home.

Lots of other stuff going on. Mostly with Apple but not interested in writing about it.

I started doing Orange Theory and have been enjoying it. But the running is just so hard!!!


I went to Folsom! So crazy, right.

So Apple came up Friday evening and we hung out. We were supposed to go camping but the campground got closed due to snow. 🙁 Saturday we left home and went to the Mr. S Leather party. We met my friend Victor before hand which I thought would be good cause then that way we would have someone who’s a little more comfortable in those situations to anchor us. It didn’t really help. Apple was like super paronoid or something I dunno he was being weird. We didn’t stay long which was sad and just left and walked around the city then went home.

I’m not exactly sure what happened but things went down hill and we got into an argument and he just went him. Honestly it was a bit brash on his part to just leave but whatever.

Sunday I got up and went to meet Darin in the city. WE hung out at Dolores park for a bit. He was with one of his other friends. So it was nice to hang out with them. Got lunch then walked through the fair. SO MANY HOT GUYS.

This is where my depression and anxiety kicks in though. 🙁 I wish I was way more comfortable talking to these guys, going up to them and dancing with them, etc. Or even just being shirtless. Darin was shirtless the whole time. But I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I saw a bunch of people there that I had known and talked to one or two but skipped most of them because I was anxious.

We went into this one bar and it was just SUPER DUPER packed. as we were walking through I made eye with this hot asian guy. We basically had a whole gay relationship in like the 5 minutes we passed each other. I really really wish I had actually talked to him.

Nothing much else going on. The costa rica trip is coming up quick. Which I’m excited about.

Haven’t had any dates recently. Been chatting with boys but nothing happening there.

I really need to get up to WA and get my car.

Selling my trailers to try and get new ones.

Blah blah blah.

Parents Visit

So I haven’t updated in a while. My parents were here and I have just been so fucking busy with them.

It was a nice visit. I took the whole week off, we built a deck which only took two days which I was super surprised by. Did some other stuff in the yard. I’m really happy with how the outside is coming out. Just need to figure out what to do with the front yard part. I didn’t want grass but when mom and I went to go look at plants it was going to be over $3,000!!!

TOok them to this exotic car driving thing in Napa on Friday. It was fun and the guy running it had a FINE ASS! Omg.

While the parents were here my aunt fell down and broke her knee and wrist at work. Now she’s always been a bit weird. She bought a house in 1999. The first couple years we would all go over sometimes, but after a while she stopped inviting people over. Almost no one has been in her house in maybe 10-15 years. Well she was in the hospital and needed someone to go take care of her dogs. So my other aunt went over there and the house is a MAJOR HOARDER situation. Trash everywhere. The pictures my dad has sent are so disgusting. Honestly, I think it stems back to my grandpa dying. TO me that seems like about the time she stopped having people over. I think she took it the hardest TBH and has just gone downhill since then. It’s sad to see…

In other news, I haven’t seen Apple in like a month. He is coming this weekend. We were supposed to go camping but they closed the campsite due to snow! Can you believe that? A week ago it was 100F here and now this campsite is closed due to snow!! I’m a bit nervous to see him. It’s how I am with anyone really, I get super nervous meeting people cause I am always concerned it won’t go well, or I’ll be boring or whatever. I dunno. same with my Psychologist or ZenDesk.

Speaking of ZenDesk, I met him for dinner the other night. It was fun but agian, I always get nervous that I am being boring or something.

Work has been OK. Nothing super exciting going on really.

We’re going to FOlsom this weekend and I’m super nervous!!!

Just feeling down

I just feel like I’m never going to date again or be happy dating. This past week or so I’ve been super down and like nearly in tears. I just get home from work, lie on the couch, go to bed at like 8pm and sleep.

I am so unhappy with work and just angry all the time. This fucking Marketing Manager woman is always on our case about stuff and is just annoying AF. I got into a little argument with her the other day about domain names. She said “None of the domains are working”. I said, please tell me which ones because the ones I tested ALL WORKED, she send a screen shot of like 10 and said “None of these”. I tested the first 5 and they worked fine. Then she finally told me exactly which TWO. So make up your fucking mind bitch, all of them or only two of them?

I have been on a few dates and just nothing seems exciting. I just feel like I want to not do anything. One guy was a total catfish, his pics were clearly from like 10+ years ago. The next day he texted me and said. “Honestly, I can’t see us moving forward”… I replied back and said “I agree”. He replied and said “omg, awk. I meant “can””. So ever since then things have been super weird, but I’m honestly not really into him anyway.

Had another date with this guy who’s a chef at some Thai place in SF. He is cute and nice but a little too fem for me. He also does drag.

I just want to find a cute asian guy who’s into the dreams/ideas that I have, someone who can share in what I want to do in life.

There’s a laundromat for sale near me. They Net $5k/month currently all brand new machines and they want $250k for it. That seems a bit excessive.

The other day I found this old article from our HomoClimbtastic Labor day west coast trip. Really brought back fun memories and times with Davey. I texted him and we chatted a little bit but he didn’t seem that interested in chatting after all these years.

That’s something else I’ve been noticing more lately and just giving up on guys faster. I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do really. For instance there’s this guy I matched with on Tinder. The past week of messages include:
HIM: How as your weekend.
Me: It was great, did some yard work, walked the dog and hung out with some friends. How about you?
HIM: Good, just relaxing. Have a good week ahead.
Me (Tuesday): I’m glad it’s a short week, do you have anything going on this week?
HIM (Friday): I’m in NYC.
Me (Sunday): How was NYC? What did you do there? When are you back?
HIM: Ate Mostly.

So clearly this guy is not interested, right? Like why waste my time trying to carry on the conversation. Why are these people even on here. If you’re not interested, just say so.

Parents arrive on Friday and we have a lot of work to do. I spent $4500 on the deck stuff. $2200 so far on the gravel for the front yard. This yard project is going to end up being like $15,000.

This guy I used to climb with got married last weekend. Makes me sad. What am I doing wrong in life. :'(

Robbery Update and other stuff.

Update on the robbery. They caught the guy, in Apple’s car, a block from my house.. Super scary that he was STILL SO CLOSE to my place. That must mean he lives near by. So maybe people are right when they say he was watching.

Apple called me around noon on a Wed and said the cops needed someone to come take possession of the car. So I drove over there and waited around. There were about 10 police there when I first showed up which was super crazy. After about an hour a detective showed up and they started searching the car. They found my gun, gun shells and some other stuff in the car. So they impounded it for the day.

Honestly, this guy deserves to be in jail for LIFE. We looked up his history and he has been in and out of prison his entire life, multiple car thefts, multiple break ins, multiple possession of stolen fire arms, etc. It’s REALLY frustrating that California/the legal system keeps letting this guy back on the streets, how many more people is he going to rob in his life? How many people are going to be hurt by him. Is it really worth letting people like this back on the streets only to pick them up again a few weeks/months later?

I’m sort of nervous to call and ask for my gun back too. I don’t know what the process is there at all. But I really want that gun back. I spent so much money on it and it’s such a nice gun. It’s been customized just how I like it.

In other news, Apple and I have been hanging out as usual. He’s started calling me “honeybun” which I don’t know how I feel about that. Part of me wants to tell him to stop and the other part enjoys it. He’s off to paris for a week. We are going to go camping in Late September in Yosemite.

I have been busy working on my yard lately and it’s been very hard work but I am loving the progress.

Not many dates recently. Was supposed to go on a date with this guy tomorrow. However yesterday during the day I was SUPER BUSY and wasn’t replying to text messages. After a few hours I came back to THREE different messages from him: 1) “?”; 2) “? ? ?”; 3) “Hello?”… Ok, seriously RED FLAG warning to me. If you are already doing stuff like that and we haven’t even MET. Jesus.

I met up with this cute filipino boy who lives in Sac yesterday for lunch. He went through the K1 (90 day fiance) visa process and is married but his marriage is shit apparently. We talked about that and what he wants to do, etc. I feel so bad for him.

Calvin messaged me again yesterday to let me know that Grandma had been hacked… Ugh I just want to keep talking to him, find out what’s going on in his life. I miss having him around so much.

On my way to Yuba city yesterday I saw a farm for sale. 590 acres. I spent the rest of the drive day dreaming about owning it, having it be asparagus, blueberries and tangellos…. I have this fantasy of being a farmer but I feel the reality would suck.

I also really want to buy a that house in the woods…

My favorite gay resort in Palm springs is being sold! And it’s no longer going to be gay or nudist! So sad. I want to go one more time before they close but I just don’t have the time!!!