Two Months In…

Well, it’s been about two months since the big move and honestly, I’m really regretting it. I wish I had just stayed in my house in Tri-Cities and done the whole funemployment for a while and waited for a better job to come along.

The move went fine, I am staying in a rental house for now. I tried to put offers on a bunch of houses down here but I just kept getting out bid and the fact that the houses are JUNK and asking $500k is just annoying. Most of the stuff around here was built in the 70’s and 80’s and hasn’t been updated since. So you’re spending $500k and need to spend another $100k to bring it up to date.

I was hoping that by moving back here I would get back in touch with the climbing people that I used to really enjoy hanging out with. Tim, Leo, Mike, etc. Unfortunately, none of them seem to either A) Care or B) Know that I’m here. I know for sure that Tim does, I’ve made hints about hanging out but he never follows through or does actually hang out with me. I messaged Mike and no reply. I haven’t really tried to message anyone else. I’ve gone on two dates since arriving here but neither one of them really hit my fancy. So I’m still just spending more time sitting at home, walking astra and being a fucking bitch.

I still think about Calvin every day and wonder if it was the right or wrong thing to do. What would have been, what could have been. If there’s still a chance for something to be.

I am starting a new business venture. Explore More California. I bought a trailer and am renting it out. I’m hoping that my first rental will be this weekend. We shall see if it comes to fruition.

Jason is really annoying me again lately. He keeps telling me that we’re such great friends, that I mean so much to him. But then his actions speak louder then words. IE after my old job was over we had been talking for MONTHS about going to Palm Springs for a long weekend and just chilling and hanging out. Literally the week before he changes his mind that he can’t go because suddenly some other trip came up. But yet he was able to go to a bachelor party in New Orleans, go to a wedding in Los Angeles and go on a fucking two week trip to Russia. Then last weekend for July 4th, I asked him to come down for the 4 day weekend to hang out and go camping in my new trailer. He complained that the drive was too long (5.5 hours, exactly half way). Then this AM he sends me a text at 5am saying “really random, but road trip to Idaho”… Which is, you guessed it, 5.5 hours from him. He does this to me over and over and over again and it’s really annoying. He’s supposed to be my “best friend”, that I mean so much to him but yet coming to visit for a 4 day weekend is too much driving but going to Idaho for a 2 day weekend is fine? Makes no fucking sense.

Maybe there’s something wrong with me as I don’t really understand why I don’t seem to have any friends. I used to have this huge group of friends that I went hiking and climbing with and then we just sort of fell out, since then I’ve been on this downhill slide of friends and people I talk too.

The job is the job.. I’m already frustrated with it. The CEO is rudderless and changes direction constantly and can’t keep focused on one thing. When I interviewed I was told I would have an office and when I showed up for my first day I was given a cubicle RIGHT in the middle of the office area. I’m making less money now then I was 3 years ago working in LA and cost of living here is WAY higher then LA. And when I interviewed I made it clear that I was NOT going to be fixing “printer” problems or “my monitor doesn’t work” or “i need email setup on my iPhone” and guess what I am doing. I am too fucking far in my career to be fixing your monitor which you are too stupid to figure out came unplugged from the wall.

She has a TOP!

It’s been a while but the car is coming along. Got the grill and everything in, the hideaways converted to electric. They need final wiring and adjustments but they work. And then this last week she got exhaust, windshield and a top!!!

Torino Headaches

Sorry for the SUPER long post….

Ok, so here’s a bit of an update over the past few days. I took a 4-day weekend this past holiday and purposely didn’t plan anything because I wanted to get the interior put in before my parents arrive this upcoming weekend.

Started by pulling out the vert top hydraulic assembly so that it could be taken to the shop. Then installed the radio speakers and started the car up and let her run for a good 10-15 minutes with the heat on high so I could make sure no leaks on the heater and that the radio worked. This is when problems started…

I noticed that the ALT light would come on and go off and come on and go off every couple seconds…. The interior light (I had the door open) was flashing dim and bright dim and bright. But the radio worked and no leaks on the heater (so that’s good). I went ahead and put the dash and everything back on and started the car back up and checked lights, etc. I noticed that the illumination lights for the clock weren’t working and then also noticed the clock itself wasn’t working. So dash came back off so that I could test it. If I ground the clock illumination lights, they light up. But testing the clock connector (two wires), I get nothing. Spent probably an hour tracing it and looking through multiple wiring diagrams. I cannot figure out why it wouldn’t have power and apparently no ground. It appears to go straight into the 14401 wiring harness and to the main dash ground and the power to it comes from the same cable as the cigar lighter (which has power).

Gave up on that and decided to try test fitting the carpet. I had got it out of the box hours earlier and let it sit in the sun to release the folds, etc. brought it in and laid in the car and it’s WAY too long lengthwise. I pushed it as far up as I could against the steering column, looked at the manuals and saw that it appears you need to cut a semi-circle out of the top so that it rests around the column, so I folded it over just to check and it’s still WAY too long. The “heel inserts” are still basically UNDER the seats. There’s also about 6″ of extra over the rear of the transmission hump.




So on Tuesday I called ACC and asked them, I got some really moody woman who didn’t understand I had a Ford even though I told her multiple times, she kept asking if it was a “GM”. She basically wouldn’t help me at all because I couldn’t give her an order number (I gave her the part number on the box). I had purchased the carpet set from MAC’s about 2 years ago. As with most of you, I assume, I bought things as they were on sale and as I could afford them. 2 years ago I got a huge bonus and MAC’s just happened to be having a 35% off sale. At the time, I also didn’t think my car would be stuck in “painting jail” forever. So I bought a ton of stuff, needless to say, that’s really biting me in the ass right now.

So I called up MAC’s and the rep basically said “sorry we can’t do anything since you bought it so long ago”. I called ACC back and got a different person and he was more helpful basically saying “that doesn’t sound right can you send us pictures”. So I sent pics yesterday and am waiting reply.

After that I put the weatherstripping on the top, that worked out well and then tried to put the handles on the top. These were in a box ever since I bought the car and I never opened it. Well I guess I should have because there’s not enough parts in the box to make two full handles.

Top handles

After that I decided to put weather stripping on the rest of the car… So I got out the box and started cleaning it up… I’m not sure what this peice is called but as I was cleaning it, it just shattered in my hands:
Broken weather stripping

I also noticed that the stripping that goes around the side and bottom of the door was missing all it’s pins and that the body shop bondoed over all weatherstrip pin holes in the door. I put on what I could and it looks good.

Spent some time cleaning up and polishing parts to get my frustrations out:
Door handles

And putting on some small details:
Rear bumper/fender

Pass Fender

I had also noticed that the brake proportioning valve was still leaking but this time from the big nut on the bottom. So on Tuesday I called up Chockostang and asked the guy if the one I returned he had rebuilt or just sent me a new one (because this is now the THIRD time I’ve sent it back to him). He said he couldn’t remember.. I told him what was wrong this time and he said “There’s just a bass washer under there, crank it hard and it will seal”. So I cranked it hard and in the process it slipped and I busted off the plastic part that the wiring harness connects too… So back to finding a new one of those.

And then from my other post, I took the vert hydraulics to a local shop and he said they were fine. Installed them back in the car and they still won’t move the top.. I think what I will do next there is get an external battery charger thing and hook it directly to the pump and see if maybe it’s just not getting enough power.

In other good news, my hideaway grill set will be arriving from Germany today!!

Lastly, I enabled my “belt buckle protection” so that when neighbors stop by the car is protected from their leaning.
Belt Buckle protection

Another Torino Update and missing parts

Well here’s yet another torino update. I’ve been pushing hard to get it done. Spending WAY too much money right now on this project. I should really just slow down and wait to get it done in the next year, instead of pushing so hard. But whatever. It’s exciting that she starts up with the turn of a key!

She went home from the engine builder guy last Friday evening:
Going Home

Got the hood latch installed, see a video here:

AC LInes

AC Lines
AC Lines all installed, was a lot easier then expected.. EXCEPT for the hose that connects to the BACK of the unit under the dash.

Mocked up the shaker just to see how sexy it will be. Then realized I didn’t have some parts and spend like $300 on that. 🙁

Engine Bay
Engine bay as it currently sits. Need to do some clean up to make it look nicer

What is this?!
Found this in my boxes of parts. Not sure what it is!

I’ve also been spending a LOT of time looking at other people’s threads for ideas/information on how to put stuff together. And while doing that I noticed these two parts are missing from what I have:

I emailed the original owner who took most of the car apart and asked him if maybe he might still have them laying around. If not, it’s just another thing I’ll have to buy, get body work done and then painted and HOPE that it will match. 🙁

Engine is IN!

After two VERY LONG and tiring days the engine is in. Started out yesterday with replacing the rear drums with wilwood disks. There was WAY too much play back and forth so the rear end came in and out about 5 times trying to get it right. It was a long frustrating day but happy with the end result. Still need to bleed the brakes and test them.

Then today we dropped the engine in. I was REALLY skeptical that it would just drop right in with those huge headers on. But NO PROBLEM. Slid right in like a glove. Perfect fit.


Half In



Spent the rest of the day dressing it, hoses, finishing the fuel line stuff, shift brackets, etc. Will go shopping tomorrow for some more stuff and maybe in the next couple days it’ll fire up.